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    Signal hops on the Dunning-Krugerrand bandwagon

    wgreenhouse · Saturday, 10 April, 2021 - 21:46

Nothing surprising here, but I have to appreciate the clarity of all the scammers taking their masks off at once. Come try #xmpp. Don't be part of another #coin #scam.

  • Signal hops on the Dunning-Krugerrand bandwagon

    Not only is Signal a sketchy-as-fuck privacy-violating social network wearing "security" cosplay, now it also has a climate-incinerating Ponzi scheme bundled in. Cool, cool. Stephen Diehl: Do they think we don't see through the thinly veiled pump and dump scheme that's proposed? It's an old scam with a new face. Allegedly the controlling entity prints 250 million units of some artificially ...

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